Friday, June 14, 2013

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I bought this print for Gabe for Father's Day. I can share it early because I gave it to him early...he and True left yesterday for their annual boys camping trip. 

I happened across this by accident. I was searching through my Etsy favorites a couple weeks ago, looking for something for a baby shower I have a hand in planning, and skimmed past this Luz Design print. I instantly went back to it, chose my color, and purchased it! It was absolutely the perfect thing to give G for Father's Day this year {with our camper livin' and all}!

Since the print is a digital copy {she emailed it to me}, I was able to print it myself. Then I set out to find a cheap wooden frame to match the camper...I knew G would want to hang it in the camper, and he likes to screw right through the frame! Example...

{G, True & I at Chaco Canyon; I was barely pregnant with Elle West...frame screwed to a camper wall.}

I found a great match for $3, and he hung it right away...just how I thought he would!

His choice of placement was different than where I would have chose to hang it, but it's perfect, even better than where I would have chose. The print hangs in a very central spot in the camper, and where we get to admire it from the couch. I've noticed that it's pretty existence in the camper lifts my mood, and reminds me regularly of the truth it reads!

The print may not be as perfect of a fit for everyone as it is for us, but I bet it'd work for lots of dads! I wanted to share a few days early in case you wanted to order it in time for Father's Day! That's the joy of digital!

You get to choose from the following background colors...

...and even if this print isn't for you, Luz Design on Etsy is very worth taking a peek at! This graphic artist is in Florence, Italy and has absolutely beautiful and amazing pieces in her shop! There are LOTS that I'd like to have. Another bonus to purchasing digital files, additional to receiving them fast, is their reasonable price. It feels like a steal, to have such a neat thing for next to nothing!


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