Sunday, June 16, 2013

we love dad

Hey there! So, I was following Elle West around the other day with my phone and captured a few pics that I find very Father's Day appropriate. I smile more and more, and laugh more, every time I see them. I hope you enjoy them, too!

I was actually on the mission of getting a photo that showcased Elle's bracelet, which matches Emiliana's. I was trying to stay out of her way in hopes of catching her natural behavior. The bracelet looks darling, but I can't say that I got what I set out for {except for the natural part!}....

However, what I did get, was something even better. In the next photo, Elle West catches sight of Gabe's truck. 

There is a lapse in photo history here, because when I saw {and heard her excessive squealing}, that she saw him, I put my phone down and held her until he parked next to the camper. Then I let her go...

In front of his bumper, and...

...look at that stride! She's only one for goodness sake! Her legs, as fast as they are, can't seem to keep up with her torso! Will she make it?!

YES, she will! Ahhh... complete, and nearly combustible, JOY! Dad is home!

Could there be any doubt, that Elle loves her dad?

As much as I love these photos for what they are, Elle West smitten by Gabe and him by her, I can't help but remember how I felt when my dad came home from work. It was in much the same way...a big truck, a welding helmet and lunch box, the smell of grease...there are few memories from childhood that are better. My mom says that Elle West looks exactly like I did, and I doubt that this day is any exception. 

Happy Father's Day, with all of our love, to the dads we love most,
JL & Elle West

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