Wednesday, June 12, 2013

bracelet refurbish & child bff set

I'm excited to go home and work on a bracelet I'm making for a good friend and her daughter. She is visiting the Washington D.C. area from Colombia, and I'm anxious to get it to my father-in-law's before she heads back home, mid next week. While I'm at it, I'm going to do a refurbish for Elle West to match Emiliana's new bracelet, My friend, Ana Milena's, daughter.

So while I'm making a matching mom & daughter set for my friends, I'm also creating a matching bff set for Elle West & Emiliana. I thought it would be fun to have the daily reminder {by Elle wearing her bracelet} of our good friends in Colombia!

I've been wanting to share these refurbish pictures of one of Elle West's bracelets for awhile. She LOVES wearing her bracelets, and since we don't do a great job of following the rules regarding taking care of them, I do a refurbish for her every six months or so...

Here is her first refurbish. You can see the original bracelet here.

When we do a refurbish, we use all of the silver pieces from the original bracelet and discard the silk; replacing it with new.

Then we get one happy baby! I love this photo of I said, she loves wearing her bracelets, so when she gets a new version of an old one, she is thrilled :) You can catch a glimpse of it on her in the photo.

Well, the once bright & bold bracelet is now a little dingy & dull. Like I mentioned earlier, we are irresponsible with the care of our bracelets. Here are the care instructions {under additional policies and facts}. But, that's why I offer a refurbish on YOUR Pretty by JL child or infant charm bracelet, in our Etsy Shop...just in case you are anything like us!

I'm going to refurbish Elle's, that you see above, to match Emiliana's new one. Then they will have a super sweet bff set like the one below, only I will be using different colors.

{Click HERE to find the bff set in our Etsy Shop!}

Well, I'm going to get after it, and hope I can get the package to Ana Milena in time!!! Maybe she will send a photo of Emiliana in hers...if so, I will share it with you!

Happy hump day!


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