Thursday, June 27, 2013

an amazing week :: working vacation

Hello! The last you heard from me was on Father's Day! I thought, back then, that I should probably let you know that there would be a good chance that I'd be M.I.A. for about ten days. But, I didn't, because I was hopeful that I would indeed check-in a few times. However, now I know better...when another opportunity arises to visit friends and family {of whom I have been majorly deprived of since the start of our camper livin'}, I will write a quick note that says Catch ya later!

But, now I'm back! What did I do? Well, I thought you might ask, so I'm going to share a few pics and expand on some of the highlights of my trip...

Ahh, Emily. She doesn't love this picture {and won't love my posting it} because her table is a mess. But, she was preparing the crafts for her baby shower. So to me, it makes the mess, and photo, fun. She was the major reason for my trip to Denver...Emily is due in July {with twins!}, and we had her baby shower on Saturday. {I'm going to do an entire post on her shower soon because it was absolutely amazing from start to finish!} 

Since I planned to make the trip for her shower, I figured I'd just go early to hang out with my wonderful friend, and help her prepare for babies 4 & 5 {she has three boys already}. I did some cooking and cleaning, and according to her husband John, a whole LOT of talking! It was much needed, and an incredible time!

True Bug went on adventure with Gabe! This is him above twelve thousand feet on Stony Pass. Their camping trip was cut a bit short due to wild fires in Colorado, but they made it home {to Bayfield} safely. The two of them got back here {to Rangely} a day before Elle and I did. So, True got to go to work with dad for a day...he's always dreamed of it, but ended up being pooped and missing his mom and baby sister. It was a long time apart for all of us.

On that note, I got Elle West to myself {and she got me} for over a week! It was a lot of fun and quite the girly time...cupcakes at Em's shower and a custom headband made by Chloe via one of Emily's shower crafts, and the first one she's ever actually wanted to wear!

Time with two of my besties...above is me with Chloe and Emily before guests began arriving at Emily's shower, and both are looking amazing! Chloe had her little boy, John Raphael, less than six weeks ago, and Emily is measuring forty-two weeks at thirty-four, with her twin baby boy and girl!! Breastfeeding is going great for Chloe and little John, and you'd barely even know Emily was pregnant by her busy days, let alone with twins! Go Mamas!!!

Naturally, that brings me to meeting little John for the first time...I am very in love. Although I had things to talk to Chloe about the day we met for lunch, and I got to see this little guy, my brain just short of turned to mush. I didn't want to do anything but bask in the joy of this sweet new baby's presence! I also had the honor of making him his first baby bracelet, which turned our quite handsome if I do say so myself! 

There's a closer look, and the photo that I posted to Instagram. Chloe chose royal blue, royal blue, and light grey for little John's braided bracelet. The effect, like I said before, is extremely handsome. 

It's so hard to imagine that something so small could fit someone, but it does and with room to boot! Chloe was a touch concerned about him outgrowing it soon. I assured her that it would last awhile...actually, although this is an infant size small, infant mediums last a really long time. When babies begin to chunk up between five and ten months, they may need a medium {or large}, but then they tend to slim back down at those year to eighteen month marks. Their bracelet may be a bit loose on them then, which will leave growing room. Elle's medium still fits her perfectly at nineteen months. I also reminded Chloe that, for those reasons, I offer a refurbish listing in our Etsy Shop. Via the refurbish, I will replace the silk in any color and in any size of the original bracelets size options. So, if you order a Pretty by JL infant charm bracelet, and then purchase a refurbish once the need arises, you can choose new silk from our color swatches, and pick a new infant size if you need one. I will reuse the silver notions of your original bracelet, but create a brand new one by way of silk and size!

The day I met little John, I also got to see Chloe's beautiful new home in Denver. While I was there, we went over some business related things regarding an upcoming project {Chloe does all of my graphic design work and then some...example}, and then her husband, John, came home. It felt like ages since I'd seen him and it was super great to get to visit with him for a bit. While that visiting was going on, Chloe's mom and dad came over! I always love to see them, too, so the afternoon was packed full of some much needed socializing! That is in large part how it became a working vacation. I had already discussed some graphic ideas with Chloe, but had yet to show her the samples of our Pretty by JL Summer Accessory Collection {to launch mid July}. While I crammed that into our short time together, Jeannie saw a RTW key fob that she liked...she snatched it up and ordered a custom charm bracelet! I was able to make it for her that night, and gave it to Chloe the next day at Emily's shower.

Chloe sent me this picture of her mom, Jeannie, the next day. She loves her bracelet and looks just gorgeous in it! She actually likes it so much, that she has commissioned several more, and I am working on those now. Here is a closer look and, again, the image was taken on Instagram.

She chose a 2 color heart design with taupe hearts & an eggplant fill. She had me hand stamp and blacken two charms, A for her grand baby Asher, and J for little John. You can learn more about customizing your own in the Pretty by JL Etsy Shop.

After Emily's shower, we sorted her goods and went to bed. It was a long, but glorious week. I am already suffering from Emily and Chloe withdrawals, but I was happy to get the time with them that I did!

On Sunday, I headed to Canon City to spend a couple days with my parents. On the way there I saw a comical and sad sight all at once...

...a hungry horse who was not at all amused! The white horse is eating away...on the road-side of the fence, while the brown one was, moments earlier, stretching with all of his might trying to reach the weeds through the barbed wire to no avail. Then he just watched the white horse eat from the other side of the fence. Like I said, it made me smile, but I felt bad about it, too. I hope he got fed!

On an eating note, I came up with a delightful summer beverage recipe that I will be revealing with the Pretty by JL Summer Accessory Collection...

...isn't it PRETTY?! Well, it is also delicious! I cannot wait to share it with you!

But for now, I'm signing off and leaving my Rangely office {which resides in the Rec. Center}. But, I can assure you that there are good things to come ;) Including more of A True Story on Monday...

Glad to be back, JL


  1. So much in such a short space! I love it all! Baby John is my favorite picture, because, well, I am a little obsessively in love myself! I also love Elle West in her headband!!! Kurtis keeps asking where Miss Jenny is and every time we get in the car he wants to go to your house :(! Then Vince and Damon go on about missing Elle... So we are ALL suffering Jenny withdraw! Can't wait to taste some watermelon limeade! Yum!

  2. I wish you could be driving to my house, too!! Tell Kurtis I miss him, and I love how sweet all the boys were with Elle! Gabe would have gotten me for posting bath tub pics, but those are some of my favorites ;) Thanks for such a wonderful time!