Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tyller Gummersall :: Colorado Rain

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{Photo taken by me on Instagram}

I just thought I'd check in from home {Bayfield, CO}! The kids and I hit the road on Wednesday morning and booked it... in order to make it to the John Anderson concert in Durango, the same night at FLC. We'd been planning the long weekend at home for a few weeks, but didn't find out about the concert until last Thursday; giving me just enough time to get it together enough to go! This is our first time back since being in West Texas for 2 1/2 months.

Anyway, the trip was long, and a concert that evening wasn't a super practical idea. But, if I had any say, we were NOT going to miss Tyller Gummersall opening for John Anderson! John Anderson is a legend in the world of country music; known for hits like Straight Tequila Night, Seminole Wind, and one of my favorites, Black Sheep. We made it, and although we did not make it through the entire show of John Anderson's {due to a very sleepy Elle West}, we did see Tyller's set. It was AMAZING and so worth the effort to get there.

We couldn't take any photos during the show of either country singer, so I snapped the above photo of my new Tyller CD hangin' out on my dresser... on Instagram I made a little note about it doubling as home decor. He isn't exactly tough to look at ;)

At any rate, this guy gets more incredible every time I see him perform. He started locally at the age of eight. I've only seen him a handful of times over the past several years at events/places like local dances and The Office {a bar in the Stater Hotel}. But, since the first time, I've always been certain that he is going to be a chart-topping-superstar-country singer/songwriter. He's totally got it. 

Here is a video of Colorado Rain, one of my favorite songs...

He performed Colorado Rain on Wednesday, and as much as I'm a fan of the video, I've gotta just say... hearing and seeing him perform it was ten million times better.

Tyller has a new album out called The Makings of a Man {pictured on my dresser} and you can download it from cdbaby here and on iTunes here. It's got Colorado Rain on it :) Keep up on Tyller here.

This trip has been full of fun! I will share more over the course of the next week, when I'm back in TX. I hope you are having a great weekend!


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