Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Leaving West Texas :: camper living

We are pulling out of our little spot, here in West Texas, today! I had planned on writing a post about the amazing sponsors of this year's family 5k, but I will do that next week instead!

I'd like to thank West Texas and S&K RV Park for the following...

Our sweet little spot, where the owners let True dig in the dirt to his heart's content.

The chickens, who Elle West was sometimes conflicted about feeding scraps of her lunch... but, we did it anyway.

 The pecan trees, that provided the luxury of shade... and the unnatural sound of trickling water from their 24/7 drip system; that also provided a haven for birds, letting us hear their songs above the highway noise; for fallen pecans, that remained from last season's harvest, and that Elle West LOVED to collect {and eat}.

For all the animals. Their presence helped keep homesickness at bay more than they will ever know! 

I am delighted to say... well, to be here to say... that we've survived West Texas, and have actually had a really good time. Thankfully, I've been driving Gabe's truck... that has really helped. I will try to leave some of my new found driving habits here though. Although I truly believe that, to make it in Texas, you've have got to drive like a Texan! Otherwise you might get run over. When we are back home in Colorado, I will forever cut those Texas license plates a little more slack ;)

We are stopping off in Carlsbad, NM to visit the caverns, and then we are making a quick stop at home. From there, we are heading to Rangely where we will call our camper home for awhile longer. 

I'm super excited to get back to CO, and to be settled into our little camper routine there! 



  1. Ohhh how fun! I think it all sounds so fun! How long will you be home?

  2. Thanks, Shelly! It has been pretty fun! The transitions are tough on me because I am a creature of habit/routine... change is hard, but is also what keeps me interested in things. It's bad news when things get boring!

    We will be home for ONE measly night!! Are you guys still coming out for good???! Let me know what your plans are if you have any!