Tuesday, May 21, 2013

all boy... and a bracelet.

Alright. So, I made True, J, and Mads friendship bracelets before we hit the road {started traveling with Gabe for work about 3 months ago}.

Jadon and Madisyn are True's best friends; they also happen to be his cousins. I watched them quite a bit before we left, and True has been missing them big time. However, being with dad always seems to win. True LOVES seeing his dad everyday.

When I say that I made them friendship bracelets I do, of course, mean my version. They watched me play with silk & charms all summer long last year, and they all were desperate to have their own. I deemed it quite appropriate to give them each one before we left.

Although, like most things with kids, the thrill wore off quickly. J wore his everyday for a week and was so proud of it, and Madisyn wore hers for a few days. I think their dad may have confiscated them {the bracelets} because he couldn't believe that I gave them one in the first place. True, I don't think, even wore his for a whole day.

But, True asked me for his about a week and a half ago, and has NOT taken it off since!! He has been killin' me with all boy handsomeness...

True is super tricky to snap photos of. He won't pose... I kind of just have sneak shots of him and hope I catch something other than a blur. But, the night before we left TX, he was having a bedtime snack {mmm... tortilla, cheese & bacon... he made it himself.} and he was actually willing to pose for me. He even held out his arm so that I could snap the close-up of his bracelet. Although, you can see that his "posing" is still a bit unordinary.

The next day, we were parked near Carlsbad, NM. I had just been telling Gabe how much True looked like a kid now... no baby or toddler to be found. He moves around like a little boy; like a little man! {sigh. sniff, sniff.} Anyway, I was admiring his bracelet and then realized he was picking his nose. I thought, that would make such a handsome photo if only he weren't picking his nose. So, I got out my phone and told him to quit picking his nose so that I could take a picture of him.

He wouldn't do it. His cooperation from the night before had gone... maybe the bacon was the secret. So I said, "Fine. Pick your nose and look at me."

Here's what I got...

As handsome as ever while wearing a bracelet and being nothing but BOY!

True's bracelet is available for customization in our Etsy shop. His has one hand stamped sterling silver charm that is blackened and polished, is a child's size M, and is made with eco-friendly & hand-dyed silk in aqua :: taupe :: royal blue. Click here to customize your own. Want a bff set like True, J & Mads? Contact me for a special price!

proud-mama-of-a-boy, JL

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