Thursday, May 9, 2013

a trip home

I took the kids on a road trip, home, this past weekend. We actually left on Wednesday, and got back to Texas on Tuesday. So, it was really more like a week. But, three of the days were dedicated to travelling, which is why I considered it a long weekend.

To be totally honest, I am still exhausted. We had a great time... it was our first trip home since we began travelling with Gabe for work. We've been in West Texas for nearly three months. At any rate, making the trip to Southwest Colorado from West Texas, and back, in a week's time; with two kids is enough to make anyone tired! Not to mention that we didn't just lounge while we were there. As much as looking at these photos makes me want to...

 My wishing well.

Behind the wishing well... one of my favorite views.

We did spend a good deal of one day outside, but it was still a touch chilly. We are W TX conditioned after all! 

Taking these photos actually distracted me from shedding tears. We set out to leave on Monday morning only to end up back in our vacation-feeling-home that afternoon. The truck needed a whole day of TLC in the shop... much much better taking it to the shop when we did than having broke down somewhere, but it was still disappointing. 

Once I brought the majority of our luggage back into the house, I sat down at our kitchen table with a lonely & glum feeling. I was supposed to see Gabe that afternoon, and wouldn't. It also takes a fair amount of get-up-and-go to set out for a trip like that, and now I'd have to do it again, tomorrow. I was just about to cry when the glare coming through the large bay of windows in our living room caught my eye. The drizzly rain that had consumed the majority of the day had stopped, and warm light was filling the house. I got up right then, to feel the light outside. I needed to breathe it, and see it without a dirty window filter. It totally saved me... from the torrential weep I was about to experience.

Anyway, Tuesday's drive was fine. We made it. Though I still feel on the verge of tears at any given moment, I'm really glad we went home.


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