Thursday, May 23, 2013

100% natural

 {Photo taken by me on Instagram}

I'm sorry to disappoint you if you thought this post would be anything about natural food, make-up, fabric fiber, or really any product that might be useful. This post, in it's entirety, is about my hair.

I am thrilled to share that my hair color is 100% natural for the first time in nearly EIGHTEEN years! Yikes! I was in eighth grade the last time I saw the honest hue of my locks. Sadly, I couldn't find the picture I had in mind, but it was a fairly light blonde and curled... it was definitely way lighter that what is my natural color now.

But, I'd like to take a quick trip down memory lane to show you a few of my hairdo variations over the past eighteen years.

'Twas the day of grunge and the ever popular T.V. series, My So Called Life, and Claire Danes rocked auburn colored hair. Here was my version when I was in ninth grade...

 {details} :: eggplant & glitter colored Swatch watch worn upside down :: faux turquoise heart & silver adjustable ring from the Mount Rushmore gift shop {a gift from my bff of the day, Justin} :: photo taken at Sears Portrait Studio

That was the beginning of over half my life, of color processed hair. I only did dark for a couple of years, and then reverted back toward variations of blonde. This one was taken when I was twenty and was a new driver at UPS {blonde with strawberry low-lights}...

 {details} :: wearing Diesel Jeans {not pictured}, a tourmaline & sterling silver Naja pendant from Lanka Blue in Durango {a gift from one of the friends of my life, Emily}, a camisole from Animas Trading Co. in Durango :: photo take at Wal-Mart Portrait Studios... several fun shots taken for my mom for Mother's Day {she bought me & loved that hat... it was from, From the Heart in Durango [no longer in business]}

After that I had a spiel of platinum blonde, which looked more like silver the first go around, and a stepped bob. Then I cut it boy short and did light, light blonde with chocolate brown low-lights. The memory brings the image of some sort of ice cream swirl to mind, but anyway... then it grew out and I did light blonde with dark brown underneath. Then I just sort of went with really blonde highlights, for a really long time.

Here is when I was pregnant with Elle West {a self portrait for Gabe since he was out of town}...

 {details} :: sitting in the car in S. City Market's parking lot in Durango :: hair done by Dyan at Dyan's  Studio of Hair Design in Durango

So, though I've tried several times over the years to go natural, it hasn't worked out until now. I've held steady with my one to two inch trims every couple months, and have finally got ALL of the processed hair chopped off! Here's the pic with no filter...

{details} :: living in a camper with my family in Rangely, CO :: shirt from Anthropologie :: faux gold hoop earrings from Claire's

What do I think? I really like it... grey hairs and all {I attribute those to True}. What kept me going was telling myself that my natural hair color had to look good. Because, how could natural not?! It would match my eyes & brows, and by all rights, it should match my skin tone. As it turns out, it matches my freckles perfectly. Isn't it funny what a complete mystery it has been? Ha!

I've gotta say, I feel absolutely liberated. I sometimes felt trapped within the hair appointment schedule cycle, and now I've got zero commitments; not to mention an extra $100 a month. 

My hair is also soft again, and it's shiny. It also has a little gold, and some real highlights coming in! I'm super excited to see how light it will get this summer.

I may not be a blonde bombshell... but I think it's pretty, and it feels great to know that I didn't have to pay for it; no make-up on today either. How come it took me until age thirty-two to feel...

...naturally PRETTY. 

I kinda think that there is something about motherhood that does that. Even though I tend to question my parenting methods, and experience new insecurities all the time, I have become considerably more confident. My self image is more positive and my style feels more fluid. However, such things could also be attributed to being in my thirties, or/and a happy marriage. Maybe all of the above are factors.

I may not stay true to my natural hair color forever. I mostly just wanted to see what natural looked like on me. I'm a fickle soul when it comes to hair, or perhaps it's just that I like so very many styles and colors. I am going to enjoy it though, for now.

Tell me about your hair, or what makes you feel pretty... natural or not!

<3, JL

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