Thursday, April 25, 2013

West Texas apple tree :: key fob winner

{Image taken by me on Instagram}

I took that photo about six weeks ago. The tree sits right across the driveway from where our camper is parked in West Texas. I've talked before about the unexpected beauty that I've found here. W. TX is the least pretty place I've ever, in my whole life, visited. Though, I find myself smitten with it anyway... pump jacks and all.

I liked the above photo so much that I decided to turn it into a contest. I asked readers to identify that tree! My friend, Kim, quickly commented with is it a cherry, or an apple? She included more about the foliage that I can't begin to remember, not knowing much about fruit trees {or any really} myself, that further backed up her educated guess.

I didn't actually know what species the tree was, and had to contact the property owner to find out. It is indeed an apple tree! Although, we don't know the exact variety. So Kim, needless to say, was the contest winner! I made her a Pretty by JL, custom RTW {ready-to-wear} & 3 color heart, key fob. Here is how it turned out...

Kim chose beautiful silk colors in eggplant :: heart, watermelon :: heart fill, and pale yellow :: highlight. It is just lovely, and I loved making it for her. You can customize your own in our Etsy Shop here.

When I posted that original photo of the apple tree for the contest my husband, Gabe, told me that I'd have to post another. He claimed that people wouldn't be able to guess the tree because they couldn't see it very well. I explained that that was the whole idea! The sunset in the background created a pretty picure, as well as provided a challenge that was worthy of a contest.

However, now that some time has passed and the tree has begun to fill out, I do want to share another picture; one where the actual tree is a little easier to see. At the very least, Kim may enjoy the progress it's made!

{Image taken by me on Instagram}

The apple tree is picturesque both at sunset and midday! We will be leaving Texas before it bears any fruit, but luckily we've got our own apple tree in Colorado ;)


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