Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the heart of it all :: Welcome!

I have had the content of posts rattling around in my head for weeks! So, is it at all surprising that I sit here with, for the most part, still hands? That's the way this stuff works, right? If only we could plug into our mind and have it dictated for us electronically... um, actually never mind. Thank goodness for still hands, and please, let it be that our thoughts won't ever instantly appear on the screen! My thoughts, as hard as this may be to believe, are not always PRETTY.

Alright, so here's the scoop... this is a new blog for PBfNM and all things Pretty by JL. Hence, my welcoming you to the heart of it all. Due to some majorly-boring-technical-issues, the entire content of the blog you so sweetly read before, has been lost. My Chloe and I, {Yes, I did say my. Although I'm quite certain that her husband, and choco lab girl, may beg to differ... she is mine, in my own special way. You can fall in love with her for yourself here.} decided that it made the most sense to create a new one altogether.

In the coming weeks, I will re-post the pieces of A True Story here to the new blog. All of the other content will be left behind. I'm taking this as a wonderful opportunity to compose some new and resourceful posts relating to: breastfeeding, all things intimate, all things pretty, p.p.p. {products, people & places}, kids, A True Story, family 5k, Pretty by JL, PBfNM {PRETTY bras for nursing moms}, and love.

See what I mean about "rattling". I look forward to reigning in the buzz that are my thoughts, and putting down the PRETTY ones here for you to read {mostly... I know you can handle whatever}. In the mean-time, have a look around the new blog! From the right hand sidebar you can subscribe {have posts delivered to your in-box daily}, find me elsewhere {facebook, twitter, pinterest & instagram}, choose a category {catch up on some reading}, visit blog archives {memory lane}, visit the Pretty by JL Etsy Shop, visit PBfNM's website {constantly being improved}, and you can check out Best for Babes {my favorite breastfeeding organization}. Let me know what you think!


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