Monday, April 29, 2013

Sam Edelman Greyson Sandal :: a street dance

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I bought these most amazing sandals when Emily & I went to visit Chloe in Miami this past February {Chloe writes about our weekend here}. Being from Colorado, it felt a bit odd to buy sandals in February. But, once I laid my hands on these in Nordstrom, it had to be done.

Then in March, we began our travels as a family, with Gabe for work. First stop, West Texas!!! I've gotten to wear sandals essentially the whole time we've been here, and it's been snowing back home. So, my February sandal purchase actually happened to be perfect timing!

Several weeks ago, my mom came to visit and stayed for a whole week. Gabe was in Northern Colorado for most of her visit. But, when he came back, she offered to watch the kids for us that Saturday evening. I can't even remember the last time we went out without the kids before that...

The timing was, again, perfect because it was the exact night of Midland's Celebration of the Arts street dance that I'd been dreaming of going to. When Gabe got home, I was so ready to get out the door that I didn't bother to touch up my make-up {wait, what make-up} or grab my boots. That there, the boot part... that's a problem.

We went to a relaxing dinner, one where I actually got to taste my food, versus distractedly inhaling it like I do during our normal dinners out with the kids. We lounged around the plaza while the concert was being set up, without a care in the world. We even danced.

I often tease Gabe that I'd be a better dance partner if I got to practice more than once a year. For mastering things like flips and pretzels... I feel I could use two dances per year, but I haven't seemed to convince him of that yet.

Another thing that would have helped in this particular instance, would have been my boots. Sorry to say, I was a bit off my game in these sandals. Then one of the straps broke making me hyper-aware of the awkwardness of dancing in them. But, we had fun. I got over the broken strap and danced anyway. The Midland paper even snapped {and published} a photo of us...

I admittedly was bummed when I saw the photo. We knew the reporter took our picture because he asked us for our names afterwards. This was the first dance of the night {for us}, and the dance that broke my sandal. We were, though you can't tell by looking, swing dancing and, I thought, tearin' it up. By looking at the photo though, one would assume the only thing that got "tore up" by us was my sandal. But, what I do like about the photo is that we look like we are having fun, and we were. 

A Humpty Dumpty parody--

Rad sandal went to a dance,
Rad sandal it's not your last chance!
He stepped on her foot, and snap the strap went.
She sewed the rad sandal, without breaking a sweat!

Here it is back-together-again in West Texas today...

This is actually, the first of two sandal woes that happened recently...find the other here.



  1. Thank you Naya! There are a lot of his that I'd like to have ;) {Thanks also, for posting the first ever comment to the PRETTYblog!! You made my day!}