Saturday, April 27, 2013

PBfNM :: Mission

In 2008, when True was five weeks old, I had an idea. An idea that would forever change my life by providing the direction, focus, passion and purpose I'd always craved.

From the idea, grew a vision of what PRETTY bras for nursing moms would become by following the mission:

To help each woman soften the challenges of breastfeeding by celebrating her body, and satisfying her spirit of self.

Over the years while working on this venture, I have come to several crossroads where I've thought things like-- Am I crazy? Am I doing my family more harm than good by pouring so much of myself into this? Am I being irresponsible financially? Will this business even fly the way I know in my heart it WILL, or am I delusional? Why is it taking so long? WHAT is taking so long?! Should I quit? CAN... I quit?

The few painful times that I've found myself there, the end result has always been the same. I cry as if I'm mourning the loss of someone. Then I shake my head, no, I cannot quit.

Everyday I work towards that mission. It has become it's own energy. It drives me, because it exists. 

Thank you for reading & believing. Let the journey continue, mission be lived by, and PBfNM be realized!

All my love, JL

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