Friday, April 26, 2013

little girl adventures in paradise :: a collage

little girl adventures in paradise
{Garnet Hill Kids & Land of Nod - Spring 2013}

I made this collage for Elle West this past Sunday evening. My intention was to give her something to do, and with me, while we listened to the Chronicles of Narnia. I wasn't supposed to make it for her, but with her. 

Gabe and True had picked up the books on tape that afternoon, and Gabe was really excited for True to start listening. Maybe he was excited for True to listen like I was excited for Elle to collage.

True didn't listen well, and Elle did not collage. She literally refused my invention forcefully, by wiggling determinedly until I gave up and let her down. I had thought... there are pictures of little kids, beautiful dress, whimsical toys and we get to use scissors, and glue! What won't she love?! Well, she is one and a half. She does color with crayons, but in very brief intervals. She actually, just recently, quit trying to eat them. 

It all really started when, the day before, I cleaned out my catalog and WWD stashes. I have a terrible tendency of hanging on to them because I love them. I have file boxes full at home in an attempt to be okay with throwing some away. I'm fearful of not having the images I need to create a collage or vision board on a whim... although this is the first I've made in over a year. (not entirely true, I encouraged True to make one out of a National Geographic we had a few weeks ago...)

So when I had resolved to throw the whole stack of magazines and papers away, and especially after considering that we are currently living in a camper, I found myself hanging onto the Garnet Hill Kids, Land of Nod, and Sundance like they were a lifeline. I sighed and, sat back down, thumbed through them again. I was desperate for a good reason to keep them a little longer. 

Finally, a thought struck me like a thunderbolt! I can keep them to use with Elle. We can do a project together, a collage! Quite happily, I put them with the kids' coloring & crafting stuff. I also successfully got rid of all the others.

You get how the rest of the story goes... I put Elle to bed and made the collage anyway. I made it for her. Uh...hmmm... I made it for me. She doesn't care much about it. However, True asked me the following morning "Can I keep that picture you made last night?" My pride returned, and I said "Yes, just let me scan if first!"

As for the Chronicles of Narnia, he'll get there, just like Elle will someday collage... or not.

All my love, JL

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