Thursday, April 25, 2013

coping with p.m.s.

The cycle is like clockwork, but somehow it still always takes me by surprise. It just seems to begin, by what feels like, ages before my period itself. The hints are subtle, but obvious.

I put Ghirardelli brownie mix on the grocery list, and I become a fuzz more irritable. I feel it a little more necessary to prove my point, or to point out how ridiculous someone else's thought or idea is. Then a few days after that, what feels like from out of nowhere {but it's not}, I snap. A gentle reminder to True to stop-this-or-that, or to do-this-or-that for the 2nd time turns into a scream, where I'm clenching my fists and nearly shaking {I have cut back on coffee, by the way}; when normally he'd get 4 to 5 reminders, or a consequence in a cool tone.

This is a solid seven days before Aunt Flo's visit. For me, the pre-menstrual cycle is far far worse than the cycle itself. I have one really crummy day of cramps, and all else is pretty darn easy to deal with for less than a week. I know, I've got it easy.

My moods before though, sheesh! It's like my nature to the bazillionth power. Why cannot the kids just know, and be really happy/content with self play. Or, at the very least, why cannot they just get along with each other? I mean, they do indeed know. Kids sense everything.

It would be easy and nice {I suppose}, if we could hold our kids accountable for such things. But really, it is up to us to figure out how to gain some composure. Just like having a tool box of techniques to discipline our children, we need a tool box of techniques to discipline ourselves.

What to do, and how to do it? Do you have ways of coping with p.m.s. that work for you and your family? I'd love some suggestions.

I'm not proud to say, or too proud to say, that my throat is sore from yelling today.

<3, JL

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