Monday, April 29, 2013

A True Story

Well hello! Today is the day! The day that I will begin reposting the pieces that I've written so far. I mentioned at the start of this blog, that A True Story was the only content that I'd be bringing over from the old blog.

Eight pieces had been published. Luckily the drafts were composed somewhere other than the WordPress database that I was using, and that I emailed myself copies. All I've got to do is, polish them a fuzz and then, publish them here.

In the old blog, I had a couple posts explaining what A True Story was. As well as why I decided to write it in the first place, and why I wanted to share it this way. I'm not going to get into all of that now. That part of the process is over for me, and I just want to write it; while sharing it with you along the way.

The story will revisit my past in vivid detail, taking us both on a journey filled with joy, love, sadness, fear, and hope. A journey that ends with me writing this blog and you reading it. If the story provokes a laugh or cry because you can relate, and encourages and inspires growth {in any way}, it will have been a "sharing" success. For me, A True Story being told will release me from my past, and in a way that will allow me to give all I've got to the present and future. The story will live without my desperate attempts to cling to every fading memory. Those who have been a part of the story, may be able to better understand to what extent they've impacted my life... if they choose to read it. My kids, and theirs, will know without a doubt, of the love they are made from.

I will post the first piece today, and will post each of the remaining pieces everyday until all eight are published. From there, I will resume posting new pieces each Monday morning until we get it told, and read, in it's entirety!

Without further ado, let A True Story begin!

Love, JL

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